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Thursday, February 16, 2012

FIELD STUDY: A Reflection 2


I can still vividly remember my first field study experience, that was during the first semester in my second year. And the memory that was left in my heart are those that would make me laugh because of the changes and realization it has brought to me. Memories that I could say one of my greatest achievement in life. Even though those experiences defied my patience because of the challenges that I and my classmates must first get through before getting there. But after all I realized that all the hindrances including the location, finances and with all the sweats that we had during those times were paid much by their warm welcome and the feeling of acceptance and accommodation that they have shown us.
The school is situated in Zayas, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City. Yes! The location certainly sounds familiar because of its famous landmark, the city's Landfill. The school is located in the place where stinky garbage and wastes of the city were damped. Yet diligent and zealous students together with their teachers works hand-in-hand to build a brighter future for the youngsters and the place itself. The people I met there were amazingly wonderful. The students are scavengers, the teachers are volunteers and they would meet in a nasty school without any complaint and they can still welcome every visitor in their place with a smile that would really make you feel at home.
So much with my gladdening experience in my first field study, here is my previous FS experience, we chose Bulua National High School to observe on February 7, 2012. The school is one of the biggest public school in the city, in terms of its population, performance as well as to their achievements. The school is adjacent to the national road, market, famous establishments and so it is very accessible. But, in spite of their good situations, I wasn't able to feel the convenience being there. I am not a bias person and I would just want to burst out my sentiments during that observation, I was impressed at the way the students in the class assigned to us behaved and received us, also the Math teacher who taught during the conduct of our observation but I can't avoid but to feel a bit of resentment every time I would think on the way the adviser and some of the administrator treated us. The school was still on the process of recovery due to the typhoon Sendong, but I don't think its enough reason to make us feel that they don't have time for us. And I would speak in behalf of my group, we didn't feel accommodated. I think they are trying to show us that they are so busy to spare a bit of their time to us. I am aware that we are not VIP's for them to spare a lot of their time but I believe that even a simple gesture is enough for us to feel undismayed and bring a smile in our homes after that experience but what we got was displeasure and disappointment.
I feel disappointed because I was expecting something good from that place because I was thinking that it would be the place where the people can greatly understand and identify us, considering that we have gone the same experiences. I was thinking that they will not make things complicated for us because they are aware of what we are doing, because they too are teachers. But as a proverb says, everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of our selves. Now, after that experience I have learned my lessons, accommodating and sparing a part of our time to other people is not a loss. Time is gold, as saying goes, meaning time is precious. And for me its a gift that we can freely offer to other people who deserves it and who are just passing in our lives, in a moment they will need our time but who knows someday its us who would greatly need their time. And I guess the people in that school forgotten these lessons, but after all I know that someday whenever there are people who needs it I would not refuse to spent it. Its really true that lessons are greatly learned when experienced.
So much with my sentiments, I would want to share my wonderful experience with the students, they are first year. I never thought that they will behave like that, when we entered their classroom even not told, they stand and greeted us, some even sacrificed to sit on the damaged chairs just to give us the incorruptible one for our convenience, and also the math teacher who didn't let us feel being an outcast and rejected, I forgot his name but, he too is a good person with good attitude and that every teacher must possess and follow.
Teachers can really shape a child's character, we can influence them and earn their respects and its rewarding to realize that these things are just some of the privilege of being a teacher, and these factors are my motivation to really pursue this course, aside from having no choice, because a real contentment and pleasure can only be found in this profession.
The teaching profession couldn't make a person's pocket overflow with wealth and riches but the happiness that it would give to the person who's doing the act. No other professional may have the opportunity to make a society filled with worthy and useful citizens, there is no other professional can grow a child according to how he want them to be, there is no other professional can make a seed fruitful and blooming with success, only a teacher can do all these noble and great things.
Being a teacher is the worthiest to be proud of, and whats important is whenever there are flaws we encounter to other people we are doing our part to change and to the least extent to avoid it for ourselves. Every day I am learning, as I go along with these course I am discovering how noble this profession is, everyday I'm getting motivated, everyday I become inspired and every day I am anticipating of the time that I will be able to apply all the things I learned from my mentors and from my experiences who both make things difficult and in the end made me a better person and the best person in this profession.

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